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The President's Welcome
Published:2009-6-27 11:33:00   Viewed:1842  Source: LZPCC

Dear alumnae, alumni, and net-friends,

Welcome everyone to log on the website set up by Lanzhou Petrochemical College of Vocational Technology. First of all, we express our thanks for your browsing and make communication with each of you.

Lanzhou Petrochemical College of Vocational Technology is a western college, which is steadily expanding with China's petrochemical industry development. During the running road of half century, we have always followed the motto: "Unity, Diligence, Dedication, Innovation", and the idea that we should serve our society totally in spite of several changes of the college’s name and address. Over a long period of time, it has devoted herself to training the talents for the petrochemical industry, western region, and to the search and practice on the vocational education reform and creativity, and turned out more than 50,000 high quality students around the country, even foreign countries. We're very proud of our graduates with the characteristics of determination, diligence, modesty, persistency, who have made great contribution to the development and construction of our motherland at their positions and got the great honour for the college and themselves. Therefore, it takes the lead in similar colleges all over the country.

In recent years, under the leadership of Gansu local government, it actively searched for the law of higher vocational education, and largely promoted the reforms on education and teaching, and firmly grasped the developing opportunity, as a result, it has made great progress in each field under the guidance of the brand-new principles for running college. One after another, the Education Ministry of P. R. China honoured our college as the National Demonstration College which is supported by the central government, the two training bases of computer software major and the digitalized-control processing technology major; as well as Gansu advanced unit of spiritual civilization honored by Gansu Provincial Government. In 2005, it passed the Talent Training Estimation of Vocational Colleges organized by Gansu Provincial Education Department, and also passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. After several years'  rapid development, the total amount of campus students approaches ten thousand having/with 69 different majors. The graduates from our college are highly accepted and praised by different industries, and continuously reach 92% employment rate, that is to say, we have to run our college better than before. We’ll unite and lead the students and faculty to struggle for building the first-class National Demonstration College of Vocational Technology.

In 2016, the graduates of all previous years and our friends from variety of businesses came to warmly officially celebrate the Golden Jubilee held by our college. All of us witnessed the brilliant history and looked to the glorious future.

We sincerely hope that each net-friend will pay close attention to our college development as before and log on our website, and we are eagerly looking forward to receiving your feedbacks on our work. And we strongly believe that Lanzhou Petrochemical College of Vocational Technology will be full of vigor, and have a much brighter future.
The President: Gao Pu
08 Jan 2016


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