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College Leadership
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Secretary of the Party committee                 Zhou Xingzhong  
In full charge of college Party work; In charge of the Organization Department of the Party committee; Contact with Department of Applied Chemical Engineering.
Deputy Party secretary; President                 Gao Pu
In full charge of college Administrative work; In charge of the Personnel Department and the Finance Department; Contact with Department of Petrochemical Engineering.
Member of the party committee; Vice President      Huang Yifang
In charge of the Student Work Department of the Party committee (Arming Ministry of the Party committee), the Student Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee, the Science and Technology Department (Higher Education Research Institute) and the School Property Company; Contact with Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
Member of the party committee; Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission; Chairman of the Labor Union                     Pu Weihui
In charge of the publicity Department, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Discipline Supervision office, the Labor Union, the Retirement Office and the Library; Contact with Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Department of Applied Foreign languages.
Member of the party committee; Vice President       Cheng Xiaohong
In charge of the Logistics Management Department, the Materials Purchasing Department and the Security Department. Contact with Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Automotive Engineering.
Member of the party committee; Vice President       Song Xianjun
In charge of the Dean's Office, the Supervisory Office, the School of Continuing Education and the School Enterprise Cooperation Office; Contact with Department of Information Processing and Control Engineering and Department of Printing and Publishing.


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